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Vattenindustrin, The Association of Swedish Water Industries, is the organization for consultants, contractors and product suppliers in water and wate water. We work to create resilient and long-term solutions where members contribute innovation and competence for sustainable solutions in a good business climate.

As a trade association, we clarify the member companies’ contribution to ensuring a long-term and sustainable water and sewage service.

Vattenindusrin works to:

  • A favourable business climate

Vattenindustrin works to ensure that the actors in the water industry work together to find the best solutions to the challenges our society faces, such as climate change, increased urbanization versus depopulated areas, lack of capacity and the need for new technology to meet updated requirements. For Vattenindustrin’s members, it is important to deliver solutions of high quality and with a long-term perspective.

  • Represent our members’ interests

Our member companies have many years of experience, broad expertise and offer cutting-edge technology. Vattenindustrin acts in an industry-wide interests in regard to legislators, authorities, VA principals and other actors and organizations. Our overall goal is to strengthened competitiveness for our members and for the industry as a whole.

  • A powerful venue for our members

Within Vattenindustrin, the members meet as colleagues to exchange knowledge, gather inspiration and to  build cooperations. Our members receive continuous information, news and exclusive invitations to our important events.

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New conditions such as climate change, ongoing densification of our cities, skills shortages, increased need for digitization and automation and, not least, civil defense in the event of geopolitical unrest place high demands on us all. It is therefore important that the entire industry works together to resolve these issues.

Anette Seger, Chariman of Vattenindustrin

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Does your company also work with the supply of clean water? As a member you have the opportunity to influence the future within one of them most important industries for a long-term sustainable water treatment.